Valuation and Division of Professional Practices

Achieving Equitable Distribution of Professional Practices

New York is an equitable distribution state. However, equitable does not necessarily mean equal. This is a crucial distinction when one spouse operates a professional practice and a knowledgeable divorce attorney can help you ensure you receive your fair share of the practice’s assets in your divorce.

As a family law attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Lisa Zeiderman is uniquely positioned to protect your legal and financial interests in divorce.

Determining the Value of a Professional Practice

In order to make sure assets are equitably distributed, they must first have their value accurately determined. This includes determining:

  • The practice’s worth at the time of divorce
  • The value of future business income

The practice’s worth at the time of divorce will be used to determine how the practice fits in the overall marital property settlement. For example, if a doctor keeps full control of their practice, it will be necessary to distribute other assets to their spouse to keep things equitable.

The value of future business income will be used for the purposes of calculating spousal support and/or alimony as part of the overall divorce settlement.

Dividing a Professional Practice

There are numerous options for how to distribute the value of a professional practice in divorce. A spouse can make the claim that the practice is separate property; the burden of proof rests on the spouse who is asserting that the practice is not marital property.

If the practice is considered marital property, options for division and distribution include:

  • Awarding the practice to the spouse with the professional qualification (doctor, chiropractor, lawyer, accountant, etc.) and compensating the other spouse equitably with other marital assets.
  • Selling the professional practice and splitting the proceeds.
  • Spouses agreeing to continue to run the practice together and remain business partners after divorce.

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