Frequently Asked Questions

Family law cases, including going through a divorce or handling a child-related matter, can bring about many challenges and confusion. Hiring an experienced family law attorney is one of the most important steps to help ensure your rights and interests are protected throughout your case.

Still, even with legal representation, you’ll likely be heavily involved in your legal matter. For this reason, it’s particularly helpful to understand the process concerning your case, from filing your petition in court to finalizing the matter and everything in between.

Knowing what to expect and how to handle everything that may come your way can aid in minimizing your stress and giving you some peace as you navigate your family law matter alongside your attorney. 

Lisa Zeiderman, Esq. aims to provide clients with the guidance, advice, and compassion they need during a trying time. Join Ms. Zeiderman as she answers some of the most asked questions related to family law. 

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We hope this FAQ helped you discover answers to your most pressing questions and concerns. If you have any further questions, Ms. Zeiderman can fill in any gaps as you work together to successfully resolve your family law matter.

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