Nuptial Agreements

Nuptial Agreements Can Protect Your Rights and Finances

You have likely heard the terms “prenup” and “postnup” bandied about, but you may not realize just what they do. A nuptial agreement drafted and signed before or after marriage protects the financial assets and provide certainty for both spouses as they embark on married life.

In New York City, White Plains and surrounding areas of New York, attorney Lisa Zeiderman offers sound legal counsel and valuable perspective to people interested in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, she has a tremendous grasp of the complex financial issues that must be considered when drafting these agreements. In addition, as an experienced litigator, she is prepared to go to the mat to protect the legal and financial interests of her clients.

What Do Nuptial Agreements Cover?

Nuptial agreements can be drafted to meet the specific needs of each spouse, including setting aside assets from a previous marriage to benefit their children. They can also include the terms for dividing assets such as retirement funds, real estate, businesses, and executive compensation in the event of a divorce.

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