Divorce: The GOOD News

Susan Guthrie, top family law attorney, mediator and the former host of Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast, speaks with leading family law attorney, Lisa Zeiderman about the GOOD NEWS in divorce (yes, there is good news!)

DIVORCE- the word alone conjures up dark and negative emotions.  Fear and anger, hurt and helplessnes, these are the predominant emotions that people seem to experience when facing divorce and going through the process, but this episode is here to let you know that there is a positive side to divorce. Susan Guthrie, and her guest, leading family law attorney, Lisa Zeiderman, two of the top divorce attorneys in the country, have helped hundreds of clients through the process and they share the upside learned through their experience as divorce professionals, as well as personally.  Good things do come from divorce and there are steps you can take to make sure that your divorce leads to a positive future for you and for your family.

Some of the insights shared in this episode:

6:00  How divorce provides an opportunity for reinvention and re-education.

7:30  Why the future is not the emply void that you may see today.

8:40  How creating your team will empower and support you in divorce and beyond.

14:00  The importance of starting your divorce on the right note and what NOT to do.

16:30  The Good News about divorce for your children.

28:40  How divorce is the catalyst for finding the relationship of your dreams.

29:30  What should you prioritize when getting divorced?

There is GOOD NEWS in divorce – let this episode open your eyes to the opportunities ahead!

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