Post-Judgment Modification

Post-Judgment Modification and Enforcement in New York

A divorce agreement or settlement is a reflection of circumstances and needs of all parties at the time the agreement or settlement is reached. As your life circumstances change, it may be necessary to revisit your divorce agreement or settlement to ensure it continues to reflect your current status and needs.

In Manhattan, White Plains, Westchester and surrounding areas of New York, family law attorney Lisa Zeiderman brings an experienced perspective to post-judgment modification and enforcement. You can rely on her to identify your options and pursue an outcome that protects your interests. 

Common Post-Judgment Matters

Various aspects of your settlement or order could be affected by unexpected life changes such as one parent moving, the loss of a job or other changes related to your income. 

Some of the most common post-judgment matters include: 

  • Child custody modification
  • Access and visitation modifications
  • Child support modifications
  • Spousal support modification
  • Enforcement of support arrears
These issues require the skills and knowledge of a proven family law attorney who understands the nuances of the law and their application to your unique situation. 

Get the Help You Need For Your Post-Judgment Needs

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