Staying On Course

Featured guest on Rhonda Noordyk’s popular podcast, “Divorce Conversations for Women.” Lisa speaks with Rhonda, the CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center, about some key financial issues to consider in the divorce discussion. Rhonda and Lisa address how to stay the course in the marathon of divorce. This discussion also sheds light on which conversations with a therapist may not be private during a child custody dispute.

Key takeaways from this conversations are:

  1. Staying on course through the litigation process is important.
  2. Divorce process is a marathon. Aim for the long run, and make sure to get to the end that works for you and your children.
  3. What you say to your therapist is not necessarily private during the child custody dispute.

Marriage is a financial partnership, and it should be viewed as such during a divorce. Your job for the next year is to actually engage into divorce. Get all the information necessary to make the proper decision – it is crucial. Focus on taxes and tax return documents. Sometimes the biggest financial pitfalls are with the tax issues that people usually don’t consider.

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