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Throughout the course of her career practicing family law, Lisa Zeiderman has been a constant source of expertise for a range of media covering topics from divorce in New York to finances and divorce. Lisa has been interviewed and quoted extensively, sharing her legal insights on marriage, custody and divorce matters at a time when the meaning of family structure is ever-evolving. She has been published dozens of times in reputable outlets people turn to when facing a life changing event, offering an approachable and informed point of view. Read and listen below for her leading views on everything from prenups to equitable distribution of assets.

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It's tax time! Here are specific tips to be ready if you are in the process of divorce.

Lisa was included in a terrific article authored by Julia Carpenter in The Wall Street Journal on young (expensive) divorces. Lisa was asked to comment on a number of topics from prenups to keeping a career and more!

Choosing the right matrimonial lawyer is about forming a lasting partnership, not just taking a step in getting a divorce, and requires careful selection from many available legal experts.

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Lisa Zeiderman was recently featured on Heidi Bee's podcast, "Divorce Comeback Coach"

Do you know what coercive control means? Read on to learn about this insidious behavior and what you can do if you recognize it during your divorce.

Lisa Zeiderman spoke with Arizona family law attorney and host Billie Tarascio about how to spot financial abuse, and what can be done about it.

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Divorce Goes Gray in New York

Gray divorces are on the rise and typically involve special considerations not present in divorces involving younger spouses. A skilled attorney can help you understand the issues involved in a gray divorce. 

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can protect your assets and and your future in the event your marriage does not last. Learn more about how these agreements work in New York.

Denisa Tova hosted Lisa on her "Beyond the Bar" podcast to discuss her transition from the high-stakes world of fashion to matrimonial law.

Kiplinger Magazine Interviews Lisa Zeiderman on the Importance of All Women Understanding Family Finances

Communication between co-parents can reduce conflicts, benefitting you and your children. Good communication requires willingness and helpful tools.

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