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Throughout the course of her career practicing family law, Lisa Zeiderman has been a constant source of expertise for a range of media covering topics from divorce in New York to finances and divorce. Lisa has been interviewed and quoted extensively, sharing her legal insights on marriage, custody and divorce matters at a time when the meaning of family structure is ever-evolving. She has been published dozens of times in reputable outlets people turn to when facing a life changing event, offering an approachable and informed point of view. Read and listen below for her leading views on everything from prenups to equitable distribution of assets.

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In watching Fleishman Is in Trouble, you may start to wonder whether much of the relationship difficulties could have been avoided with better and more communication, empathy and trust.

Recoupling during the holidays can be harder for your child than divorce.   KEY POINTS While parents may have had plenty of

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s custody plan is unconventional. This idea of giving total freedom to the children to determine their own schedule, while well-meaning, may unknowingly create conflict and prevent everyone from developing a routine where the children are able to spend meaningful time with each parent.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) makes life easier, from helping with online shopping decisions to increasing efficiency at work. But did you ever think about how it might affect divorce proceedings? Read on to learn more about how AI could change how we view divorce.

Lisa Zeiderman, a New York based matrimonial attorney, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Litigator, encourages clients to discuss their tax returns with her early in the year.

Gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate the complex world of divorce finances with the Divorce Savvy Series moderated by Lisa Zeiderman.

In case you were wondering, Lisa takes her own advice when it comes to handling finances as a couple! She and her

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