Taxes and Divorce

Divorce in New York can impact your taxes, potentially altering what you owe or receive. Learn what you need to know before filing.

What Happens to the Marital House in a New York Divorce?

When couples divorce in New York, the courts divide their marital property based on the principle of equitable distribution. This doesn’t mean splitting everything in half. Instead, the law aims to divide property fairly between the spouses based upon their direct and indirect contributions to the assets. Marital property includes almost everything either spouse earned […]

From Fashion to Family Law

Denisa Tova hosted Lisa on her “Beyond the Bar” podcast to discuss her transition from the high-stakes world of fashion to matrimonial law.

How To Prepare for Divorce with Beverly Price

Beverly Price and Lisa Zeiderman discuss divorce preparations, necessary steps for optimal outcomes, and essential team experts on the latest episode of the Her Empowered Divorce podcast.

Coping With Divorce and Borderline Personality Disorder

Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally draining process for anyone involved. However, when one or both parties have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), the situation can become even more complex and difficult to navigate.