Navigating Custody Issues around the Holidays

Navigating child custody schedules is a perennial challenge, and it becomes particularly arduous during the holiday season. Utilize this guide to aid you during this demanding period.

Custody During the Holidays for Halloween

Navigating shared custody during the holidays can be challenging. Don’t miss out on the magic this halloween, consult an attorney for guidance on holiday schedules and more.

College Tuition vs Retirement Savings: What Should Take Priority?  

As many parents are readying for their children to apply to college this fall, this is a question that comes up frequently: should you prioritize paying for your child’s educational expenses or accelerating your retirement savings as you near the twilight of your career?  If you are divorced, this decision is made all the more […]

“Succession” Knows the Power Wives Always Win

The Wall Street Journal reached out to Lisa Zeiderman and other top divorce attorneys from across the country to ask about the popular HBO series, “Succession”. Reporter Ellen Gamerman asked Lisa for her thoughts about the show’s “power wives.” From the article: “There’s a power in being a second or third wife,” said New York […]