Lisa Joins the Muttly Crew to Talk Canine Custody

Check out the latest episode of the Muttly Crew’s “Fluff, Raw and Ruff.” They interviewed Lisa about the issue of pet custody. Pet custody is an essential issue in many divorce cases, most recently brought into the public eye due to Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence’s divorce. See Link here

Looking for Hidden Assets

Ever wonder how you are going to find your soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s hidden assets? In this video interview I discuss what you and your attorney should do to uncover those hidden assets! Many thanks to Malinee Churanakoses and the wonderful Chapter2Club — the Smart Women’s Guide for Breakups and Everything After — for including me in their […]

Managing Partners Podcast

Curious about the kinds of mistakes couples make when embarking on divorce? In this video podcast with Erik J. Olson, we had a great discussion about my background, and specifically the issues we deal with as matrimonial attorneys, including the importance of understanding the complex financial issues that arise in many divorces, as well as […]

The Million Dollar Divorce: When It Makes Sense To Go To Court

Recently, Lisa Zeiderman spoke with leading divorce attorney, mediator and creator of The Better Apart Method, Gabrielle Hartley, on her YouTube show Divorce Talk and More. Sometimes divorce mediation doesn’t work. Lisa explains when it makes sense to go to court. Watch now:

Why Absolutely Everyone Needs a Prenup by Eames Yates


Choosing to get married is one of life’s most important decisions. However there are some important things everyone should know about a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle. In this Business Insider video, Lisa Zeiderman explains why everyone needs a prenup.