‘Gray Divorce’ Rates Are Exploding

Text reads "Gray Divorce, also referred to as silver splitter or diamond divorcees. The increasing divorce rate for older couples in long-term marriages. Contributing factors: reduced divorce stigma, longer life expectancies, repeat divorces, postponed divorces.
New York divorce attorney and Certified Divorce Financial AnalystLisa Zeidermanwas included in this recent Kiplinger article by Stacy Francis, CFP®, CDFA®, CES™ about the increasing rates of “gray divorce.” Divorce rates among those 50 years and older are booming. Lisa discusses the importance of signing a postnuptial agreement before sacrificing your earning power.

“It is not unusual for women to come to me after having remained in the marriage until their children are grown, and then find themselves unable to support themselves in the lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed.”

“While their executive spouse may have promised that they will take care of the stay-at-home mother forever, all bets are often off when a couple files for divorce. To make matters worse, the court system is not kind when it comes to alimony and maintenance. Women may find themselves forced to scramble for low-paying positions and build a career as they head toward age 60 or more.”

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