21 Divorce and Finances Tips

Do all of these tips apply to your situation? It takes an experienced divorce lawyer with in depth financial knowledge to identify the best course of action for protecting your financial interests during and after your divorce. Link to Article

What Does Your Divorce Mean for Your Taxes?

Tax day is April 18. If your 2021 tax year included a divorce, it will likely play a major role in your tax filing. Keeping the following tips in mind can help you protect your legal and financial interests as you take this step in your post-divorce life.

Essential Advice for Improving Your Child’s Relationship With Your Ex

Lisa Zeiderman is one of the country’s premier divorce and family law attorneys. Her most recent published article–“How to Foster a Relationship Between Your Ex and Your Child”–has been promoted as an “Essential Topic” by Psychology Today. In the article, Lisa provides co-parents with tips for taking care of themselves and their children while respecting […]

3 Financial Questions to Answer BEFORE Filing for A Divorce

April is Financial Literacy Month. It’s important for you to know that the most difficult decision you’ll ever make has huge financial ramifications.   Make sure you know your financial standing in these key areas before beginning your divorce.   Income & Debt. Knowing your and your spouse’s income is very important. This includes wages, […]

When Co-Parents Disagree About Vaccinating Their Children

The Omicron variant is raising the stakes, again. As most are well aware, the CDC has approved, for emergency use, the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 for children ages 5-11, which means more parents are making decisions about whether to vaccinate children in this age group. Virtually every day, I hear from divorcing parents who disagree with their co-parents on […]

The Holidays Are Here: What Newly Divorced Co-Parents Need to Know

The first holiday season after divorce or separation is often the hardest. Particularly if there are children involved, divorce will affect the holiday season for all of you — including changing many holiday traditions. Changes may mean not having your children at your family’s traditional annual gathering or waking up on Christmas morning without your […]

Tips For Female Breadwinners Overburdened At Home

According to the Journal of Family Issues, breadwinning women spend a disproportionately higher number of hours on household tasks and child care.  In a recent article by personal finance expert Stacy Francis in Kiplinger’s Magazine, I share that one of the top reasons couples get divorced is because of money disagreements: “Lisa Zeiderman, a divorce […]

What do I do if my co-parent and I do not agree on vaccinating our kids?

The CDC has approved, for emergency use, the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5-11, which means more parents will be making decisions about vaccinating their children in this age group. Families began these conversations around their 16-year-old plus children, then younger teens, and now, the pool of those eligible has gotten considerably larger. Whether or […]

9 Considerations for You And Your Co-Parent as You Navigate Child Therapy.

Children processing a divorce in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic can certainly benefit from seeing a therapist. Keep the following tips in mind. Here are some basic rules of the road for choosing and dealing with your child’s therapist: Before you enlist the help of a therapist(s), make sure your co-parent approves of the […]