What Happens When Parents Disagree on COVID Vaccines?

The arguments over COVID-19 vaccines have spilled over into the realm of family law as co-parents try to determine whether or not to vaccinate their kids against the virus. In some cases, parents have even temporarily lost custody of their children over their own refusal to get vaccinated.

Deciding whether to vaccinate children against COVID-19 is a significant issue facing all parents. What can you do if you and your ex share custody but disagree about vaccinating your children?

First, remember that conflict is not suitable for your children. The conflict between parents can be developmentally damaging for children. As strong as your disagreement may be, it is crucial to remember that you still share one thing in common: you love your child and what is best for them.

Any disagreement between you and your spouse will likely be decided in family court when it comes down to it. Therefore, expending emotional energy fighting about it will not get you any closer to an outcome in your child’s best interest.

Your child’s best interest is the standard family courts in New York and throughout the United States use to resolve disputes involving children. Courts have been following the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC recommends that everyone over five gets vaccinated against COVID-19.

The courts would prefer to stay out of it. Their ideal scenario would be co-parents with joint legal custody reaching their agreements regarding vaccines and other health decisions. If such an agreement is not possible, your best course of action is seeking the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

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