Manic Spending Causes Anxiety, Particularly During Divorce

Here are legal tips to protect yourself and your finances. KEY POINTS When in the midst of a divorce, there are ways to legally protect your finances from a spouse’s over-spending. Cancel joint accounts, consider a postnuptial agreement, and keep documentation of the spending patterns. Talk to a mental health professional and ask your spouse […]

How to Divorce Someone Suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

One of the greatest challenges that can face a married couple or a couple in the process of getting a divorce is when one or both partners suffer from a mental health disorder. The issues that arise from the stress of marriage and child-rearing are complex for even the most emotionally stable couple. Adding a […]

5 Tips to Get Through a Divorce with a Narcissist

Breaking free of a marriage with a narcissist is complex. Preparation is key.   Divorcing a narcissistic spouse is typically high-conflict and overwhelming so it’s important to mentally and legally prepare. Ending the marriage requires organization, strength, and a team of dependable, supportive individuals. Strategies including enlisting a strong attorney and therapist, keeping rigorous records, […]

When Your Partner Has a Gambling Addiction

When Your Partner Has a Gambling Addiction How to help, and protect your and your family’s finances. March 23, 2021 Gambling addiction can destroy a family. The addict will consume any and all resources, from retirement to children’s 529 accounts. Protect yourself from the fallout by reviewing account statements and tax returns, and documenting the […]