Keep the Kids in Mind

Mediating through Divorce Lisa was recently a guest of Rachel Green on her “Keep the Kids in Mind” podcast! They talked about a host of important issues including: * How important is mediation in divorce? * What are ways to ensure that a child feels important during a divorce? * How well are the court […]

Lisa on Life Unlimited with Larry Heller

Listen as Larry Heller, CFP®, CDFA®, and Lisa share valuable insights on critical questions to ask when searching for a divorce attorney. They also discuss why divorce proceedings can differ when you own a business and delve into other significant issues, such as imputation of income, division of assets and liabilities, and maintenance laws.

Financial Abuse, Restricted Stock and Other Hard Divorce Topics

Lisa Zeiderman was recently a guest with Olivia Summerhill on her podcast, “Divorce for Wealthy Women,” to talk about some of the complex financial instruments you and your attorney might need to familiarize yourselves with when going through a high-net-worth divorce.

The High Net Worth Divorce Playbook

Considering hiring a divorce attorney but you don’t know where to start? Listen to the High Net Worth Divorce Playbook on the Journey Beyond Divorce Podcast.

Discussing Divorce Mistakes on the Divorced Dadvocate

Lisa was recently a guest on Jude Sandvall’s popular podcast, The Divorce Dadvocate: Divorce Support for Dads. They discussed the five mistakes people make before asking for a divorce — and how to avoid them. Listen to it here, or wherever you get your podcasts.