Staying On Course

Featured guest on Rhonda Noordyk’s popular podcast, “Divorce Conversations for Women.” Lisa speaks with Rhonda, the CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center, about some key financial issues to consider in the divorce discussion. Rhonda and Lisa address how to stay the course in the marathon of divorce. This discussion also sheds light on which […]

Death Gamble

Lisa Zeiderman discusses NYS Judges taking the “Death Gamble” on LINewsRadio’s “Live on LI in the AM with Jay Oliver.”   JVC Broadcasting · Divorce Attorney Lisa Zeiderman Live on LI in the AM with Jay Oliver! 12-16-2020

Mental Health Prior to and During Divorce

On Hindell Grossman’s popular podcast, “Inside Divorce: Practical Advice,” Lisa speaks about mental health issues prior to and during divorce, and how to handle red flags when they show up. This discussion includes the topics of narcissism, borderline disorder, bi-polar disorder, and gaslighting. Lisa also talks about the importance of building a team around a […]

Divorce: The GOOD News

Susan Guthrie, top family law attorney, mediator and the former host of Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast, speaks with leading family law attorney, Lisa Zeiderman about the GOOD NEWS in divorce (yes, there is good news!) DIVORCE- the word alone conjures up dark and negative emotions.  Fear and anger, hurt and helplessnes, these are […]

Divorce And Personality Disorders

What happens when personality disorders and mental health problems go hand in hand with divorce? Prominent New York divorce attorney and certified divorce financial analyst Lisa Zeiderman is here to help you navigate the complications that can occur when divorce and personality disorders collide. Jennifer and Lisa discuss the complications that can occur when divorcing […]

Your Mental Health May Not Be Private In Divorce

You may not realize this, but your mental health may not be private in divorce and it could be used to restrict your parenting time. So, what can you do to prepare yourself? What can you do to protect yourself? Find out as Lisa speaks with Mandy Walker about mental health and divorce on her […]

As a stay-at-home parent, am I financially protected once I’m married?

Lisa and Kathleen delve into the myth that as a stay-at-home parent, you don’t have to worry about finances. Getting married can offer many benefits, including financial ones. It can also bring some devastating financial consequences. Couples who don’t talk about money before they get married might find themselves in a situation where they feel […]

Divorce Proof Your Finances

After dozens of years seeing all of the ways that people can financially handicap their relationships through various divorce negotiations, Lisa shares some great insights on how you can let money enhance your marriage and not lead to the downfall. Read the podcast notes on Martinis and your Money

Journeying from a Personal Divorce to a Profession in Divorce

Stacy is joined by matrimonial attorneys and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Lisa Zeiderman and Faith Miller to share their personal stories from personal divorce to a profession in divorce. In this podcast you will gain insight on: • Postponing getting divorced until a maintenance alimony is not taxable to you (05:07) • Poor financial mistakes […]