How to Build an Interdisciplinary Team Outside Your Law Firm

When it comes to family law it is crucial to have an attorney with extensive experience in areas such as divorce and custody rather than an attorney who occasionally dabbles in them. It is just as important to have an attorney who is self-aware enough to recognize that they are not an expert in every single area facing their clients.

Much like physicians rely on referring patients to a trusted network of specialists, it is important for attorneys to have professional experts – legal and otherwise – they can rely on to protect the rights and interests of their clients.

Lisa Zeiderman tackles this issue in an article recently featured in Forbes:

“If you want to operate a one-stop-shop that can quickly react to your clients’ needs, you need to develop professional contacts who can work with you and your clients. This will benefit you personally by growing your network and referral sources, and it could also be a significant selling point when pitching clients. It might just be what sets you apart from other firms.”

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