Protect Yourself From Financial Abuse

Have you had a chance to listen to my recent interview with Natalie Hoffman for her wonderful podcast, #FlyingFree?

We had a terrific conversation about #financialabuse, and talked through the following questions (and many more):

**What are the signs of financial abuse?
**What can you do if you’re being financially abused?
**Why is mediation with a narcissist like a waiting room (a very pointless, expensive one)?
**How can I survive financially if I get a divorce?
**My husband racked up credit card debt; am I responsible to pay it off if we divorce?
**Can I file for sole legal custody if my husband shows no interest in the kids?
**My husband is hiding assets but I have no proof; what can I do?
**Is it financial abuse to keep all his earnings to himself?
**What can I do if my husband refuses to pay bills?

Please click below and give it a listen when you can. And as always, please share it with anyone who might benefit.

Listen to the podcast here

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