Can My Co-parent Be Legally Monitored for Alcohol Abuse?

Know your legal options in a custody battle with an alcohol-addicted co-parent. I am not the first to say this: alcohol abuse disorder (alcohol addiction) can destroy a family. Marital problems can be difficult if not impossible to navigate unless both parties have a baseline of trust. Addictions often shatter that trust to such an extent that […]

Podcast: Is Your Partner A Financial Bully?

Lisa Zeiderman was the featured guest on Jennifer Hurvitz’s Doing Relationships Right podcast to speak about financial bullying red flags and what to do when it starts happening. Lisa provides guidance for how to understand financial abuse. She discusses how to reassess your relationship with your spouse after you identify signs of financial bullying.   […]

Financial Stalking: Another Frontier in Financial Abuse

Keeping tabs on how you spend money is an abusive power play. Financial stalking is the notion that one person continually checks on what another is doing with their money without permission. The goal of the abuser is to manipulate, intimidate, and threaten the victim through finances and to entrap them. Financial abuse often occurs […]

Financial Abuse

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If you aren’t being permitted to see account and credit card statements, banking information or joint tax returns, or are living on an allowance that is doled out by your spouse as they see fit, you may be a victim of financial abuse.