“My Child is Rejecting Me in the Middle of My Divorce. What Does This Mean?”

In some families, divorce may be coupled with a child having an extreme and seemingly inexplicable rejection of a parent. Your child may be experiencing parental alienation. In the abstract for a recent article in the Journal of Forensic Science, the difference between parental alienation and realistic estrangement is defined this way: Parental alienation is […]

The Holidays Are Here: What Newly Divorced Co-Parents Need to Know

The first holiday season after divorce or separation is often the hardest. Particularly if there are children involved, divorce will affect the holiday season for all of you — including changing many holiday traditions. Changes may mean not having your children at your family’s traditional annual gathering or waking up on Christmas morning without your […]

Why “recoupling” can be more dramatic for your children than divorce.

Children often require time to process and adjust to the changes divorce brings into their lives. Introducing the prospect of a new relationship into the mix can be extremely challenging for children, no matter how old they are. Consider that with recoupling, there may also be new “siblings,” a new home, new routines, and of […]

Parental Alienation vs. Realistic Estrangement: Which Is It?

5 signs that might indicate your child is a victim of parental alienation. In some families, divorce may be coupled with a child having an extreme and seemingly inexplicable rejection of a parent. Parental alienation is the rejection of a parent without legitimate justification whereas realistic estrangement occurs for good reason. Signs of alienation include […]

A New Online Tool From LIFT: Legal Information for Families Today

I am proud to be a member of the Board of Directors for LIFT: Legal Information for Families Today. Our mission is to “enhance access to justice for children and families by providing legal information, community education, and compassionate guidance, while promoting system-wide reform of the courts and public agencies.” LIFT was launched inside Manhattan […]

Expense-Sharing Apps for Divorced Parents

A divorce attorney looking over finances in Manhattan, NY

Co-parenting is a challenge. Keeping track of parenting schedules and all the details of children’s lives is complicated, but probably the most difficult aspect day-to-day is splitting children’s expenses. When you add in heightened emotions, opportunities for conflict multiply. As a family law attorney, I am often called in to resolve disputes over money that […]

Summer, Screen time, Kids and Divorce

Summer is here, and while we would like for our kids to be reading, outside exercising and developing healthy friendships, we know that without school and related activities to keep them busy all day, many will turn to their screens for entertainment. In my family and matrimonial law practice, I have seen how arguments around the […]

The Holidays Are Almost Here

If you have recently gone through, or are going through, a divorce, particularly if there are children involved, you might be very cognizant of how your divorce has changed the holidays for you and your family including many holiday traditions.

Dating After Divorce

Many divorcing parents wonder how dating will affect their children and question the best time to introduce a new “significant other” or even a not so “significant” other to the children.