How to Guide Divorce Clients in the Age of Inflation

No matter the size of a marital estate, the current inflationary economic environment can complicate the divorce process and increase the chance of intractable disagreements over the division of assets and debts. It is more important than ever for a divorce attorney to have a firm grasp on the complex financial issues facing their clients. […]

Bonus and Equity Award Season is Upon Us

It is bonus and equity award season in the finance industry. Suppose your spouse is compensated with restricted stock units (RSUs), stock options and other forms of deferred compensation. In that case, it will play a crucial role in negotiating prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements or asset division in divorce. Lisa Zeiderman lent her knowledge on […]

10 Tips To Protect Your Clients’ Separate Property In The Event Of Divorce

As a matrimonial and family law attorney, I am often retained by people who came into the marriage with significant assets and, or inherited large estates. Under New York law, these assets will constitute what is known as separate property and will not be shared with the other spouse. But what happens to those people […]

Gray Divorce: What Financial Planners Should Know

Getting a divorce later in life can really put a crimp in your client’s retirement plans. All of the sudden, your client’s net worth may be cut in half. And no matter what the original number was, half of what your client expected to have in retirement is not as good as the whole.