Getting The Get

Lisa Zeiderman and Aiofe Collins explore why giving a Get in a Jewish divorce arises during a civil divorce.

Relocation During COVID-19

Did you relocate with your child during COVID-19? Here’s what you need to know about residing outside New York State for over six months during the pandemic.

Navigating the Intersection of Family Law and Estates Law

While marital agreements are meant to enhance the marriage by providing certainty, clarity, and protection in the event of a dissolution of the marriage, these agreements can also function as an invaluable tool in protecting and dividing assets after death.

Calling the Child’s Therapist as a Witness in a Custody Case

To promote a client’s interest, the attorney must ensure that every step in crafting the case, as well as the ultimate trial itself, is designed to prove to the trial court that the client/parent can best promote the child’s interests, which is the court’s paramount concern.