Financial FAQ: How much spousal support am I entitled to in my divorce?

A fundamental aspect of a divorce settlement is figuring out spousal support or maintenance, formerly known as “alimony.

These terms refer to money the court can order to be paid in addition to child support, to ensure the dependent spouse will have support after the divorce.

It is particularly important for a spouse who may have chosen to stay home to raise the children and thereby given up career opportunities for the better good of the family.  

Whether you are the paying spouse or the dependent spouse, negotiating maintenance requires an in-depth understanding of the couple’s finances and a clear understanding of nuanced spousal support laws.

The duration of post-divorce maintenance is based upon the length of the marriage. The longer you are married, the longer you will either receive or pay maintenance.

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It is very important to have a knowledgeable attorney to advocate your position given the importance and complexity surrounding these issues.

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