Lisa Zeiderman Named to Crain’s Notable Women in Law list for 2022

Lisa has been named to the prestigious Crain’s New York Notable Women in Law list for 2022. 

Crain’s describes the selection in the following way:

Despite the gains for women in the legal field in both representation and pay, they still lag their male counterparts by a wide margin. The pandemic has made the situation worse.

The effects on women lawyers, especially those with children, during the pandemic were documented in a number of surveys in the past couple of years. Although all lawyers worked from home, women reported taking on a much larger share of child care and housework during that time, making it even harder than usual to rack up billable hours and shine in the boardroom.

It is against this challenging backdrop that the women chosen for Crain’s 2022 Notable Women in Law list are even more remarkable.

This group of 119 women are exemplary in every way. These impressive attorneys were chosen not only for their skills and accomplishments in the courtroom, but for their leadership outside of it. In addition to their long hours representing everyone from executives at Fortune 500 companies to immigrants seeking asylum, our honorees this year shored up morale among their colleagues during the pandemic and found ways to keep business going in the face of turmoil.

To find these honorees, Crain’s consulted with trusted sources in the legal industry and in the general New York business world. The many nominations submitted by organizations and individuals in the metropolitan area were carefully vetted. Each notable lawyer was selected for her outstanding professional achievements and her pro bono work or involvement with industry and community organizations.

The excerpt highlighting Lisa in the December 20, 2021 issue of Crain’s New York Magazine reads in part:

As managing partner at Miller Zeiderman, a firm she co-founded in 2013, Lisa Zeiderman regularly handles complex financial and custody divorce matters for high-net-worth individuals. Her firm has offices in New York City and White Plains, and it employs about 40 people, including attorneys and staff.  Zeiderman is a published author and thought leader, known for her vociferous support of the judiciary when New York state was letting go of its most experienced judges. She teaches continuing legal education on various issues related to matrimonial and family law, and she educates financial planners on the legal aspects of divorce finance.

A follow up Q/A includes:

CRAIN’S: You started out with an unusual background—as a former business owner in the fashion industry. How has that informed the way you practice law and run the firm?

ZEIDERMAN: I recognized that law, like most businesses, is a service business. I learned the art of negotiation on the streets of Seventh Avenue. And owning a business in fashion can be rough-and-tumble, and so can family law. You need to have a very thick skin. In many cases, the stakes are high–particularly in custody or high-net-worth cases.

Read more here: https://www.crainsnewyork.com/awards/notable-women-law-2022-lisa-zeiderman

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