Taxes and Divorce

Divorce in New York can impact your taxes, potentially altering what you owe or receive. Learn what you need to know before filing.

What Happens to the Marital House in a New York Divorce?

When couples divorce in New York, the courts divide their marital property based on the principle of equitable distribution. This doesn’t mean splitting everything in half. Instead, the law aims to divide property fairly between the spouses based upon their direct and indirect contributions to the assets. Marital property includes almost everything either spouse earned […]

Being Divorced in the Orthodox Community

While divorce for any couple in New York can be stressful, not all couples encounter the same challenges. For members of the Orthodox Jewish faith, for instance, marriage is much more than a civil union. Considering both the religious and civil aspects of divorce is vital for Orthodox couples in New York. Orthodox Jewish Divorce […]

Surviving Divorce in Midlife

Lisa Zeiderman was a guest on Alison Jacobson’s Podcast; Midlife Mavericks to discuss surviving divorce in midlife.